Story Telling

All begins on the Little Island of Bali, I mean the Island of the Gods, and It’s pretty much something !!

I grew up here in Bali where I was raised, and always have been connected to the nature, especially the Sea. I’m Pretty sure my birthstone is a seashell by the way..

It almost just started when we used to go to the Beach in Balangan (South of Bali) every Sunday with my parents and sister. Couldn’t come back from the Beach without a new Seashell in my pocket (I had to hide them because I already had too much at home). I remember my dad making a necklace from a very special seashell I wanted to keep all the time !! Yes, also, pretty much all my family is into arts, my dad is an architect, my mum has a Lingery Brand and my sister is a photographer..

The logical follow up for me was to create with what I have always had around me, in an approach that respects both nature and humans beings, « and just like that » Milky Shell was born. 

What is best than Design and Hand make all our products in Bali, made of Earth's finest Gems, Seashells and River Pearls...Can’t tell.

Let's talk about... magic ! Sea shells are known to be lucky charms, in spirituality they say shells will bring you a very high positive energy when it is in contact with your skin. Like they say, Salty water and seashells heal everything!
No wonder Hawaiians consider them as sacred.

The Word of the end : You know you’ve made it when you can hold a seashell.
See you in Bali !!

-Thaïs, Founder and Owner of Milky Shell.